Vladimir Putin The Russian Collusion President Trump Doesnt Want A Special Counsel To Hear

All the speculation…All the theories…And of course the constant denials of any wrongdoing by the Trump Whitehouse. The shouts from Fox News Conservative Sean Hannity to syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh echo the Republican party line. That from Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein to President Obamas Director Of National Intelligence James Clapper…THERE IS ABSOLUTELY ZERO EVIDENCE OF COOPERATION OR COLLUSION BETWEEN MEMBERS OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND THE RUSSIANS….But I am a skeptic and take nothing at face value….I like to dig deeper for the truth, and as I did that’s when I heard the shocking new details uncovered by MSNBC Rachel Maddow…BRACE YOURSELVES FOR THE TRUTH….The year was 1999 in the Argentine City Of Buenos Aires. Then Deputy Prime Ministers Vladimir Putin was drinking an ice cold Pepsi. At the same time New York real estate mogul Donald Trump was in Chicago….crossing the street. And this just so happened to be 3 blocks away from Russian janitor Yuri Volosenkovs apartment. Which was owned and operated by Kass Management Services, a company speculating on expanding into real estate mogul Donald Trumps New York…..As you can see these facts open up a barrage of questions about Russians…Real Estate…President Trump…and yes Pepsi…The truth is out there…And the brave reporting of heroes like Rachel Maddow make it possible for us to uncover this truth. And I for 1 will not rest until all Americans are aware of the threat posed to our Democracy ……….by Russian Janitors

Joshua Paul Hudson


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