The Truth Behind President Trump Recording Conversations With Former FBI Director James Comey

Ok…ok…ok…I hear you left wing nut jobs…Its like a bad nightmare you have attached yourselves to Russia, Impeach, Collusion, Special counsel..And with that being where you have placed all the future of your hopes and dreams you need a hail marry…Anything to double down on to maybe justify a narrative that’s out of control like a California brush fire….So what do we have now??? Well the President Suggested in a tweet that there may be recordings of his White House conversations with former FBI director James Comey. WHAT??? TAPES!!!! And the Liberals in Congress and the media go insane claiming Watergate..Chanting, Impeach, Impeach , Impeach….And now I will bring you back to reality. Do I believe that the most protected position in the land, at the most secure office on this planet has recording devices monitoring it 24/7. Wow what a stretch to say YES. I mean think about it average everyday American you cant go down to Dollar General or even the local gas station with being recorded on camera. The flights of American Airline passenger went viral from a phone recording in hours. Log onto your computer use your gmail connect your smartphone and cookies record your information for all to use. There is no privacy left in this world now with the advancement of technology. And if anyone would of known this it would of been the head of FBI head domestic spy himself James Comey. And anybody in the media or on Capital Hill  feign outrage of recordings in The Protected Office of The head Of The Free World. I guess accidental collection and unmasking of American citizens by Obama administration is a big deal. SHALL I DARE SAY WATERGATE….


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