Senator Schumer We Demand A Special Investigation Into Your Relationship With Vladimir Putin

Senator Chuck Schumer the head of the cries for special prosecution into the Russia election interference probe may have ulterior motives. Yes in fact the push to uncover the a cover up is in fact a cover up of a previous cover up. If you are confused bear with me I have been watching MSNBC, so I am now versed in all theories of Russia, Putin, and yes doughnuts. And the last is the key that has been overlooked by many, but not me. Not since I read Tom Clancy “Cardinal of The Kremlin” and discovered   secret information that the KGB uses to alert its agents in the field. Yes photo ops with doughnuts and dignitaries. In fact the code name of these missions is doughnuts and dignitaries. And here with have Senator Chuck Schumer and Vladimir Putin in a photo sharing a doughnut together. When you put it all together it makes sense…..that’s why the left was so upset about Russian photographers in the Oval office with the President and Sergey Lavrov. A photo alert to the Kremlin might be discovered by the FBI and the Cia and lead its way back to you guessed it Chuck Schumer and doughnuts and dignitaries. SENATOR WE DEMAND A SPECIAL PROSECUTER INTO THIS MATTER……SIGNED AMERICA


7 thoughts on “Senator Schumer We Demand A Special Investigation Into Your Relationship With Vladimir Putin

  1. Oh, this is rich. Welcome to the tinfoil-hat-wearing society of America. You will have to look at my theory about the German Chicken Dance and ninjas. You have the kind of mind that sees the truth behind these things. (And you are not paranoid if they really are watching you from the bushes, right?)

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